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Changes to the City Council’s Housing Allocations Policy

We are now nearing go live in the change to The City of Wolverhampton Council’s Housing Allocations. As you will have seen the City Council has changed its Allocations Policy and invitations have been sent out to those registered with Homes in the City inviting them to re-apply so that their circumstances can be assessed under the new Housing Allocations Policy. The initial period for registration will end on 26th September. On 27th September all applications made before 2nd August 2021 that were assessed in line with the old allocations policy will be closed and all applications that have been received since the 2nd August that have been assessed will be made live ready for applicants to use when adverts resume on 28th September.

We have received over 4000 applications since 2nd August and we are working hard to process as many of these as possible every day. If you have been awarded homeless priority in the past we have moved your application to the new system and you will received a letter confirming your new application reference very soon.

Moving forward we will be focusing on processing applications received before 27th September from those who have informed us, when they applied, that they had a previous live application. Once all of these applications are processed, which should be before the end of first set of adverts, we will then process all applications received before 27th September from those applicants who have advised us that they did not had a previous live housing application. Following this we will process all applications from applicants who register after 27th September. We will continue to transfer previous application waiting time onto new applications as long as they are made before 31st December 2021.

The adverts that start on 28th September at 6pm will run for 2 weeks so will close at 10am on 8th September

If you have not made a new application and you want to continue to be bid for homes, go to join homes in the City as soon as possible as your current application will  close on 27th September.