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New housing allocations policy

The council has made key changes to its housing allocations policy, meaning the way we let council homes in Wolverhampton is changing.

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Council makes changes to its housing allocations policy

The City of Wolverhampton Council consulted with customers in the autumn of 2019 about changes to its housing allocations policy. The changes were designed to ensure that council homes in Wolverhampton would be let to those in the greatest housing need. The new allocations policy was approved and soon, applicants will need to reapply so their circumstances can be reassessed under the new policy.

Applicants will receive a letter in the coming months advising them of the changes and inviting them to reapply. Rest assured, if you have an existing application, the length of time for which you've had your current housing priority will carry forward to your new application, along with any medical or social needs you may have.

I have a current application - do I need to do anything?

Customers in Band 4:

Competition for council housing is fierce and we only house around 0.4% of Band 4 applicants each year. All 24 homes allocated to Band 4 applicants last financial year were one-bed properties.

If you're in Band 4, you stand very little chance of ever securing a council home. Therefore, having consulted with residents and after taking their feedback on board, under the new housing allocations policy, customers currently in Band 4 may be unable to apply for council homes in Wolverhampton unless they can evidence a specific housing need detailed in the new policy. However, we will advise you on what other options are available to you.

Customers with an existing application:

If you have a live application, you will receive a letter in the coming months inviting you to reapply before September.

Please do not attempt to reapply before you are invited to by the council or Wolverhampton Homes.

After September, your old application will be closed. Rest assured, if you have been granted high homeless priority or receive assistance with bidding, you will be supported to reapply before the deadline.

What if I have a pending application or haven't applied yet?

We know people have busy lives and your time is precious. It can take several weeks to process a housing application and it's highly unlikely you will find a home between now and when the new policy is launched. As all applicants are expected to reapply in the coming months before September, you may want to postpone your application until then. This will avoid you having to apply twice.

What do the changes mean for customers?

More information, including a downloadable version of the new housing allocations policy, is available on the council's website.

Learn more on the council's website