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New housing allocations policy

The council has made key changes to its housing allocations policy, meaning the way we let council homes in Wolverhampton is changing.

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Housing for older people in Wolverhampton

Photo of one of the retirement schemes available

Wolverhampton housing associations have specialist housing available for older people in Wolverhampton.

If you would like to move to your own self-contained flat, with central heating, bathroom with level access shower, onsite or visiting support, access to an alarm system so you can contact someone in an emergency please click on the links below to find out what is currently available. You could move into one of these immediately.

Retirement housing with:

Here's one lady's story: 

Mrs Henry was living in a large privately rented house. Her husband died two years ago and she was lonely and isolated as her family had moved away from Wolverhampton and found it difficult to visit her as often as they would have liked. The property she lived was expensive to heat and she was worried about running up large heating bills, so was often cold. She was also finding it difficult to get in and out of her bath. Mrs Henry developed a very nasty cold and had to visit her doctor. In the doctor's surgery she saw a poster advertising a retirement living scheme managed by Nehemiah Housing. She decided, after discussing the option with her daughter on the telephone, to go and have a look to see what was on offer.

Following a tour of the scheme by the onsite, friendly scheme manager, a look at the flat, and a chat with a couple of the people who lived there (one of them she knew as she had worked with her before she retired) Mrs Henry decided to move in.

Mrs Henry said: 

I am really pleased I came to live here – I have made lots of new friends, joining in lots of social activities, including attending the prayer meetings, when I’ve not been well enough to go to church. My flat is lovely and warm, it’s big enough for everything I need to have around me and the level access shower has stopped me worrying about slipping and falling liked I used to when I had to use the bath in my old house.