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Homes in the City - Look for a Property

You will need a valid email address to sign up for an online account and apply and bid for homes.

If you haven't already got an email address, now is the time to set one up. It's really simple and there are loads of guides and useful tips online. Visit to learn more.

If you're still having trouble, the following might be able to help:

If you have a current housing application, you will need to sign up as an 'existing customer' using a valid email address and supply some basic personal information to confirm your account. Please note that this will not change your current application and you will not need to register a new application if you currently have one.

Once you have  signed up for an account you can log in using your email address and chosen password. Your online account will allow you to bid on the properties which you are eligible for and check how your previous bids did.


Please use the links below to access or register for you 'Homes in the City' account (Please have your application reference at the ready if you need to create an account).

Get access to a Homes in the City account

Please use our 'How to Guide' follow the instructions and register as an exisiting client:

Guide to getting access to a Homes in the City account

A step by step guide to placing bids on properties is available on the link below:

How to bid on properties

A guide for viewing how your previous bids is available on the link below.

How did my previous bids do

Available homes are advertised from 6pm on Tuesdays until 10am on Mondays each week.

If you have any questions, please visit our Frequently asked Questions.

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