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Housing Options

Welcome to Housing Options

Our homes are in great demand and only a small number of people on the Housing Register are successful in being rehoused. This is because there are not enough council homes in Wolverhampton becoming available. Last year less than 1000 properties became available (the majority of which were 1 & 2 bedroom flats). Less than 8% of those people on the housing register were rehoused last year.

Therefore if you have low housing need (Band 3) it is unlikely that you will ever be offered a home through Homes in the City. Also if you need a house or 2 bedroom bungalow you should expect a very long waiting period, even if you have high priority, as these properties are in the shortest supply and the greatest demand.

It is essential that you consider other housing options that may make it easy and quicker for you to find a home or help you stay in your current home.

This page will take you through the different housing options that may be available to you and for you to explore, helping you find a home.
Below is a comprehensive list of links to external sites providing extensive advice and information surrounding housing.

Clicking on these links will open tabs to external websites. Close the window, or navigate through your web tabs to return to the housing options page.


If you are homeless now, or at risk of being homeless in the next 56 days, please contact the Housing Options Team immidiately.

Stay put

Moving to a new home can be expensive and can take some time. If it is safe for you to do so you may want to consider staying where you are living now until you are ready to move.

Please note, from the end of September 2021 any applicant with no registered housing need may not be able to have a Homes in the City application following changes to the City of Wolverhampton's housing allocations policy.

Domestic abuse

Anyone at immediate risk should contact police or a specialist service. If you apply for housing and are at risk of domestic abuse you will be contacted to discuss safety planning. Please email or visit Wolverhampton Homes website for more information: 

Private Renting

This can be a quick and easy way to get a home. There are thousands of private rented homes in Wolverhampton and they can be found across the City. We would encourage everyone to star saving as early as possible to be able to afford a home to move and this is really important for private rented properties are you will need to make some payments up front. Search for properties becoming available on websites such as:

Some landlords will also advertise their homes on social media sites or even in local shops. You could also contact estate agents or lettings agents operating in Wolverhampton and ask to be added to their mailing list when they have properties becoming available.

If you are currently renting privately and wish to move, you could contact your landlord to see if they can help you find more suitable accommodation. 

For further guidance on private renting click here.

Housing Association 

Housing Associations provide a very similar tenancies to Wolverhampton City Council, in terms of both security of tenure and affordable rents. A minimum of half of the housing association properties that become available in Wolverhampton to relet are advertised through 'Homes in the City' the other half are either advertised through Homes in the City or allocated through their own systems, sometimes only to their own tenants. Midland Hear Housing Association operates a housing register called Midland Heart Homes which you can registering with as another housing option.

Young persons team

If you are 16-25 and want some housing advice, please contact The Young Persons Team.

If you are 18-25 and homeless, please contact Housing Options.

Mutual Exchange

A mutual exchange can be a quick and easy way to move to a property that suits you better. An exchange is where two social housing tenants, with the permission of their landlord, exchange their tenancies. Register on Homeswapper or advertise on Facebook to advertise your home and search for a swap. You do not need to be on the housing register or have a housing need to exchange tenancies.
For more information please follow: Wolverhampton Homes Mutual Exchange

Low cost home ownership

There are different options to help you to buy a home which is affordable for you and meets your needs. Check the following websites for more information.


There are a number of agencies that may be able to support you with issues you may be experiencing in your current home.

Wolverhampton Homes operates an outreach service for housing related support across different tenures and can help:

  • to resolve rent arrears
  • to intervene to resolve housing benefit issues,
  • with budgeting advice,
  • with advice on housing enquiries,
  • with social, health and practical issues,
  • with referrals and sign posting to other agencies,
  • with advice on private renting issues.

Contact the Housing Support and Outreach team

Condition of Property

Under the City Council's Housing Allocations Policy we are unable to give priority due to the condition of your home unless you are made homeless following the property being closed down by the City Council's Environmental Health Team. If you are experiencing problems with the condition of your home please click here for further advice.

If you are experiencing Anti-social behaviour or Criminal Activity

If you are a tenant of Wolverhampton Homes you could contact your Tenancy Officer.

We know that anti-social behaviour can cause a great deal of distress. That's why we're committed to working with you and other organisations across Wolverhampton to investigate and resolve the cases which are reported to us: Contact to report.

If you are experiencing crime please contact the West Midlands Police to report. 

Please note that if /you wish to apply for a social need relating to ASB or criminal activity we would need to see supporting information from the Police which confirms that you are at risk and that the police are supporting a move away from their current home. We do not accept crime numbers or do not normally accept supporting information from Victim Support

Independent living service

Your home can be made easier to live in, by fitting suitable adaptations in your home so you can continue to live there. For example stair lifts, ramps, handrails, steps or showering facilities. You will need to have an assessment from Wolverhampton Independent Living Service. Follow the link to find out more: Grants and Support.

Armed forces personnel

If you are currently serving in the regular forces or you were serving in the regular forces at any time in the five years, you are a bereaved spouse or civil partner of those serving in the regular forces or you will cease to be entitled to reside in Ministry of Defence accommodation or an existing or former member of the reserved forces who is suffering from a serious injury, illness or disability which is attributable (wholly or partly) to their service we may be able to provide additional priority to you if you apply to Homes in the City. 

For more information refer to the Housing Allocation Policy.

Social or welfare housing needs

If you are applying for housing due to social or welfare grounds and a move would resolve the situation, you will need to provide supporting information when you have completed your online housing application. Depending on your circumstances your housing application may be reassessed and given a greater housing priority.
Your Questions
Allocations Policy

Medical housing needs

If you are applying for housing and have a medical housing need you will be able to complete an online medical assessment form after you have registered your application. In addition to completing a medical form, you must provide supporting information from a:

  • consultant
  • occupational therapist
  • consultant psychiatrist
  • or equivalent

They will need to confirm your medical conditions, how your medical conditions are affected by your current home and how a move to a different home would improve your conditions or make them easier to manage. If you have a medical conditions but a move will not improve it or make it easier to manage then we will not award any medical priority.

An independent advisor or a medical panel will consider your case and depending on your circumstances, your housing application may be reassessed and given an greater housing priority and/or recommendation made on suitable property types: Medical Assessment Information.

Applications from those who live outside of Wolverhampton of recently moved to Wolverhampton

 Applicants without a connection to Wolverhampton will not be eligible. Local connection is established through evidencing one of the following, that:

1) The applicant has lived in the City for the last 2 years. This does not apply to the following groups of people:

  • Refugees who were previously dispersed in Wolverhampton;
  • Members of the Gypsy and Traveller community who do not have a permanent residency;
  • Applicants who are former Council care leavers from Wolverhampton who are returning to the City, up to the age of 25.
    An applicant who is being supported as they need to move due to domestic violence, subject to multi agency panel approval or an agreed
  • protocol between CWC and neighbouring authorities;
  • Eligible homeless applicants that are not subject to a referral to another Local Authority AND they meet the Housing Act local connection criteria.

2) The applicant has evidenced they are giving continuing care to a resident within the City which is evidenced by professional support e.g. hospital, social services etc. This can also be confirmed by the Council’s medical advisor.

3) The applicant is in employment or has received an evidenced offer of employment within the City.

4) The applicant is a former City of Wolverhampton Council care leaver up to the age of 25 who was cared for by the Council between the ages of 16 and 18.

5) Any applicant with the following connection to the Armed Forces:

  • Those who are currently serving in the regular forces or who were serving in the regular forces at any time in the five years preceding their application for an allocation of social housing.
  • Bereaved spouses or civil partners of those serving in the regular forces where (i) the bereaved spouse or civil partner has recently ceased, or will cease to be entitled, to reside in Ministry of Defence accommodation following the death of their service spouse or civil partner, and (ii) the death was wholly or partly attributable to their service.
  • Existing or former members of the reserved forces who are suffering from a serious injury, illness or disability which is attributable (wholly or partly) to their service.

Assets, savings and income

Any applicant with more than £16,000 worth of assets or savings or an income of more than £48,000 may not be able to have a Homes in the City application under the City of Wolverhampton's housing allocations policy.

Debts to a previous social landlord

If you owe debts of more than £400 to a Council or Registered Provider or more than £600 where Universal Credit is a contributing factor may see their application suspended for a minimum of 3 months. You will need to advise us when your debts are below these levels so we can review your application.

Housing costs

Universal Credit has arrived in Wolverhampton. If you are on low income you may be entitled to Housing Benefit or for Universal Credit claimants, the housing costs element of Universal Credit.

  • Housing Benefit: You will need to complete a Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction form online. Housing Benefit is paid to the landlord direct.
  • Housing Costs Element of Universal Credit: you need to claim on line. You will receive any housing costs yourself and you are responsible for paying the whole rent that is charged on your home

Housing Advice

If you feel you require independant advice on your housing circumstances, here is a list of organisations you can contact below:

If you are experiencing problems with debts you can contact for further information:


Most applicants in Bands below the Emergency Band will face a significant waiting period before being rehoused and those in lower bands or those in need to our rarest property types (such as larger family homes or bungalows) may not be rehoused for the foreseeable future.

Its important to remember when applying for housing that you must be able to afford the rent and other associated costs. After having considered all the options above and explored all the avenues provided, if you wish to fill in the application form to join the housing register you will need to create an account: 

Get access to a Homes in the City account

Please use our 'How to Guide' follow the instructions and register as a new client:

Guide to getting access to a Homes in the City account


After successfully registering for an account you will be able to access the Application form and begin your journey with 'Homes in the City.' We must remind you that filling in the application form does not garauntee success of being rehoused within Wolverhampton.