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Who can join Homes in the City?

Are you saving for your first rent payment?
Whatever tenure you move into you will need to pay rent in advance, even if you are claiming benefits.

City of Wolverhampton Council operates an open housing register, however some people are not eligible:

Non-British citizens

The following are not eligible

  • people subject to immigration control
  • people with limited rights of residence
  • people failing the habitual residence test
  • some European nationals depending on their residency and/or employment status.
  • If you are not a British citizen we will contact you to tell you what proof you need to provide so that we can check if you are eligible for housing.

Under 18s

If you are 16 or 17 years old, you may join Homes in the City but you will not qualify for housing until you are 18. This means your application will be "deferred" and you won't be able to bid. Once you are 18, get in touch with us so we can check your details are still the same. We will assess your application and tell you your band.

There can be exceptions to this where a referral is made by the Young Persons Team

Anti-social behaviour

You will be asked questions during the application process about whether you have been involved in anti-social behaviour. Please ensure you give honest answers as these will be checked before you are offered a home. If you fail to declare anti-social behaviour and it is found in your housing history we may have to bypass you for the offer, reduce your priority or even exclude you from Homes in the City for up to 2 years.