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Who can join Homes in the City?

From September 2021 Wolverhampton City Council will no longer operate an open housing register. Though anyone can submit an application the following groups may not be able to have an application.

People subject to immigration control

The Housing Act 1996, as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002, restricts certain people subject to immigration control, or with limited rights of residence or failing the habitual residence test access to the Housing Register, as well as some European nationals depending on their residency and/or employment status and on any specific exclusions, any applicant who is subject to these controls will not be eligible for an allocation. The regulations are updated by Parliament from time to time, and the Council will consider any housing application under the law as it stands when the application or allocation is made.  If you are not a  UK citizen we will confirm what evidence we require that you are eligible to join the housing register before we are able to make your application live.

Incapable of holding a tenancy in law

An applicant who is incapable in law of holding a legal tenancy will not be eligible to access the housing register, for example under 18 years of age or subject to immigration control.

The following groups of people will however be able to access the register despite otherwise being incapable of holding a tenancy in law:

  • o A person in the care of the Council, or a care leaver;
  • o A person defined as a child in need as a result of a s17 Children Act 1989 statutory assessment;
  • o Is owed a full statutory homeless duty following a s20 Children Act 1989 statutory assessment, or;
  • o Has an adult or adults who will act as a trustee(s) and hold a legal tenancy until the legal incapacity to hold a tenancy ends.


Applicants with no recognised housing need

Applicants assessed as having no housing need. More information about Housing is available here or all housing need are listed in Wolverhampton City Council’s Housing Allocations Policy.

Applicants with no connection to Wolverhampton

Applicants without a connection to Wolverhampton will not be eligible. Local connection is established through evidencing one of the following, that:

  1.  The applicant has lived in the City for the last 2 years. This does not apply to the following groups of people:
    • Refugees who were previously dispersed in Wolverhampton;
    • Members of the Gypsy and Traveller community who do not have a permanent residency;
    • Applicants who are former Council care leavers from Wolverhampton who are returning to the City, up to the age of 25.
    • An applicant who is being supported as they need to move due to domestic violence, subject to multi agency panel approval or an agreed protocol between CWC and neighbouring authorities;
    • Eligible homeless applicants that are not subject to a referral to another Local Authority AND they meet the Housing Act local connection criteria.
  2. The applicant has evidenced they are giving continuing care to a resident within the City which is evidenced by professional support e.g. hospital, social services etc. This can also be confirmed by the Council’s medical advisor.
  3. The applicant is in employment or has received an evidenced offer of employment within the City.
  4. The applicant is a former City of Wolverhampton Council care leaver up to the age of 25 who was cared for by the Council between the ages of 16 and 18.
  5. Any applicant with the following connection to the Armed Forces:
    • Those who are currently serving in the regular forces or who were serving in the regular forces at any time in the five years preceding their application for an allocation of social housing.
    • Bereaved spouses or civil partners of those serving in the regular forces where (i) the bereaved spouse or civil partner has recently ceased, or will cease to be entitled, to reside in Ministry of Defence accommodation following the death of their service spouse or civil partner, and (ii) the death was wholly or partly attributable to their service.
    • Existing or former members of the reserved forces who are suffering from a serious injury, illness or disability which is attributable (wholly or partly) to their service.

Applicants with income/assets above the set limit

Applicants who have an income of more £48,000 per annum (excluding income from benefits) or applicants with more than £16,000 with of assets (this could include savings or equity in a property you own)


We may also consider preventing applicants from having an application for a set period of time of the following reasons

  • Unacceptable behaviour - Applicants may be excluded from the Housing Register when the Authority is satisfied that the applicant or a member of their household has been guilty of behaviour serious enough to make him or her unsuitable to be a tenant of the Authority.
  • Refusal of Offers - Applicants who have refused 2 suitable offers of housing will be suspended from the housing register for a 6-month period, after which time their original application will be reinstated.
  • Welfare and safety exclusions - An applicant may be excluded from being allocated a specific property type or from being housed in a specific area of the City, if it is determined that to house them in such a property or area would be of significant risk to themselves or others.


Lesser preference

Applicants who meet one or more of the following criteria will be given lesser preference. This means their application will be suspended until the affected criteria has been resolved or a repayment plan has been adhered to for at least 3 months and continuously thereafter prior to an offer being made.

  • anyone who owes debts of more than £400 to a Council or Registered Provider or more than £600 where Universal Credit is a contributing factor.

The allocation of alternative accommodation will be dependent on:

  1. the tenant making regular payments (for a minimum of three months) to show commitment to the repayment plan;
  2. the tenant will be subject to a full income and expenditure exercise by/on behalf of their managing agent where a repayment plan will be agreed with the tenant; and
  3. the debt owed at the current property being transferred to the new tenancy and any agreement to discharge the remaining debt will become a condition of the new tenancy;
    • tenants of the Council who have been in their property for less than one year
    • tenants of the Council whose property has failed a pre-leaving inspection;
    • applicants who have been involved in unacceptable behaviour such as persistent non-payers, applicant or member of his or her household involved in anti-social behaviour but not serious enough to be excluded om the housing register.