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How to Re-register Your Application

1. Login to your online account

To re-register your application you must login to your online account.

Screenshot of the login page


2. Is it time to re-register?

If it is time to re-register your application you will be prompted with a message at the top of the screen. Click on the 're-register your application' link or click on the 'My Accepted Housing Applications' tile.

Screenshot of the login page


3. Your Applications Summary

You will be taken to the ‘My Applications Summary’ page which will show the details of your current live application. Click on the 'Actions' button and select the 'Re-register Application' menu item.

Screenshot of the login page

Tip: If you have received the message to re-register but do not see the option to re-register your application in the actions menu, please contact us.


4. Applications to Re-register

After selecting ‘Re-Register Application’ you will be taken to the ‘List of Applications to Re-Register’ page. Click on the 'Re-registration' button.

Screenshot of the login page


5. Re-register or close your application

After selecting ‘Re-Register Application’ an action box - ‘Re-Register Your Application’ will open. Select the drop-down Menu provided and choose either Yes or No and click the save button.

Screenshot of the login page

  • Select Yes: This will re-register the Application and you can continue to use this application in the future.
  • Select No:  This will instantly close the application and you will no longer be able to places bids for homes.