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Property Condition

Under the City Council's Housing Allocations Policy we are unable to award priority due to the condition of an applicants home unless the City of Wolverhampton Council's Private Sector Housing Team have confirmed that the property cannot be lived in and the applicant is therefore homeless.

What can I do if my rented home needs repairs?

If you are a tenant of Wolverhampton Homes please click here to access our repairs service.

If you are a tenant of another housing association or managing agent please contact them directly to complete the repairs required in your home.

If you are a tenant of a private landlord please click here for further advice on asking for repairs to be completed in your home and accessing support if they are not completed.

Damp and mould

Damp and mould growth are often mistaken for leaks. In most cases, they are caused by condensation, which occurs when warm moist air comes into contact with a cold surface like a wall or window. Things like cooking, washing, drying clothes indoors and boiling kettles can all cause condensation because they produce warm moist air. The problem is worse in rooms with poor heating because the surfaces in those rooms will be colder.

We are unable to award priority due to damp and mould in homes therefore it's important to try to stop damp or mould developing in your home. Click here for further information. Please be aware that as, in the majority of cases, damp and mould can be treated easily either by the tenant or the landlord we may be unable to award priority due to medical conditions which can be affected by damp and mould.