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Step by step guide to 'Are you Ready'

Welcome to the online 'Are you ready' course. This guide will show you how to successfully navigate your way through the content provided.

1. Complete a housing application

In order to complete a housing application you must first register for a Wolverhampton Homes 'My Account.' Please follow the link provided.

New to Wolverhampton Homes? please ensure you register as a new customer My Account.

Once you have successfully registered and also completed the application form. You will be greeted with the below screen and provided with the link to begin the pre-tenancy course.

  • Customers will also be provided with their ‘Application Reference Number.’ Customers will need this information to progress through the pre-tenancy process.
  • Follow the links provided on the application submission form to access the content:

2. 'Are you ready' - Accessing the Pre-tenancy videos

There are two different methods you can utilise to access the ‘Are you ready?’ content.

However, please bear in mind you will not be able to successfully complete the course without your ‘Application Reference Number.’ You will need this information to successfully progress through the pre-tenancy process.
Here are the two options customers can make use of the gain access to the ‘Are you ready?’ content.

  • 1. Click any Are you ready links located on the 'Homes in the City' website
  • 2. Application form – Submit Confirmation Page (Links Available) as stated above.

Once you have landed on the 'Are you ready?' Homes in the City page, please ensure you take the time to read through the content and information provided.

Read through the content provided and select the link - 'Module 1: Money management.

3. Module 1: Money management

Navigate through and watch the content/ videos provided. The first section will give you an insight into what Wolverhampton Homes expects of you as a potential tenant, and what you can expect from Wolverhampton Homes.

Once completed select the link 'Module 2: Housing and managing your tenancy' to access content on how to effectively prepare for a tenancy with Wolverhampton Homes.

4. Module 2: Managing your tenancy

Please ensure you watch and understand the content provided. This is the final section. Once you have successfully accessed the information provided, please navigate to the bottom of the page and select the link - Confirmation form.

5. Confirmation form

Once have finished navigating through the two modules and have understood all the content we have provided, you will be required to fill in a confirmation form and agree that you have understood the information supplied.

Please note: You will require the ‘Application reference number’ to complete this part of the process. Should you submit a form with an invalid/ incorrect application reference, the application will not be processed.

Please ensure all information supplied is accurate. Once you have completed the form press 'Send' and your request will be processed.