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Medical assessments

We may be able to award additional priority if you, or someone that is moving with you, has a medical condition.

  • that is affected by your current home or
  • where a move to a more suitable property would improve the condition or make it easier to manage; 

For us to assess whether we can award you a medical priority, you will need to complete a medical form.

In addition to completing a medical form, you must provide supporting information from a:

  • consultant
  • occupational therapist
  • consultant psychiatrist
  • or equivalent

They will need to confirm your medical conditions, how your medical conditions are affected by your current home and how a move to a different home would improve your conditions or make them easier to manage. This information can be attached to the web form below.

If you have a medical conditions but a move will not improve it or make it easier to manage then we will not award any medical priority.

Once your medical application and all the supporting evidence is received it may either be referred to the council’s medical referee for assessment, or it will be assessed at the next monthly medical panel. Once it's been submitted to the medical referee it will take about 10 working days for a decision. We will tell you what that decision is and if a recommendation has been made for additional priority to be awarded.

Please fill in the medical form:

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To help us reply to you promptly, please answer all questions as fully as possible.

*Required information.

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Under Section 160a of the Homeless Act 2002 the council may refuse rehousing to those applicants and family members who have a history of serious anti-social behaviour. The council have a policy to work with the Community to reduce anti-social behaviour and to improve the prevention and detection of crime. 

For further information please visit the council's webpage on fraud. Click here for more information

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