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How we allocate

Are you saving for your first rent payment?
Whatever tenure you move into you will need to pay rent in advance, even if you are claiming benefits.

We allocate the homes we manage in line with City of Wolverhampton Council's Housing Allocations Policy.

The bidder in the highest band, with the highest number of housing needs that place them into that band, will be considered first. If there are two or more bidders with the same band and the same number of housing needs, we’ll then look at them in date order.

If you are offered a property, you'll be able to have a look round at a viewing before you make your mind up. 

We can't tell you how long it will be before you make a successful bid. Things which will affect the time it takes include:

There are over 10,000 households on the housing register and we were only able to help 13% get a new home. So applying for a home doesn't guarantee we'll be able to offer you a new home.