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How to bid - step by step guide

1. Logon to your account 

To bid on properties you need to sign up for an online account and create an application. You can find out more about registering here. Once registered, login to your account and enter your email address and password

Screenshot of the login page


2. Bid for a Home

Once logged into your account click on the 'Bid for a Home' tile.

Screenshot of the welcome page


3. Available Properties

From the Actions menu click on 'List of Available Properties'. This will take you to a page with a list of the properties that are available to you this week.


Screenshot of the view basket page


4.View the Details

Your registration letter tells you the types of homes you are allowed to bid on and gives you lots of bidding tips. You can see more details about each available property by pressing the 'View Details' button.

Screenshot of the property details page


5. Add to basket 

At ther bottom of the details screen there is an 'Add to Basket' button. You can add as many properties to your basket as you like, but you can only bid on three each week. Once you have added the properties, view your basket so that you can apply (you can access your basket using the 'Actions Menu' in step 2).

Screen shot of property information page


6. Basket Confirmation

The property will be shown as being successfully added to your basket. To add more properties to the basket click the 'Return to list of properties' button. To view all of the properties in your basket and place your bids click on the 'View Basket' button.

Screen shot of property information page

7. Apply

Click 'Apply' to place bids for all properties in your basket.

To remove a property select the checkbox and press remove. Do not select the checkbox to apply for a property, only to remove.

You will receive a message to say your bid has been successfully registered. If you change your mind you can go back to your bids and remove them, then go back to the list of properties for renting and start again.

Screenshot of the view basket page


8. Changing your Bids

If your circumstances change and you are no longer interested in a property - you can withdraw your interest. Go to the 'Actions' menu shown in step 2 and select 'Current Expressions of Interest'. This will show a list of properties you have currently placed bids on. Tick the box of the property you would like to remove and then press the 'Withdraw Interest' button. The property will be successfully removed from your bids for the week.

Screenshot of withdrawing bids page