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How did my last bid do?

Are you saving for your first rent payment?
Whatever tenure you move into you will need to pay rent in advance, even if you are claiming benefits.

Our homes are in great demand and only a small number of people on the Housing Register are successful in being rehoused. This is because there are not enough council homes in Wolverhampton becoming available. Last year less than 1000 properties became available (the majority of which were 1 & 2 bedroom flats). Less than 8% of those people on the housing register were rehoused last year.

Therefore if you have low housing need (Band 3) it is unlikely that you will ever be offered a home through Homes in the City. Also if you need a house or 2 bedroom bungalow you should expect a very long waiting period, even if you have high priority, as these properties are in the shortest supply and the greatest demand.

City of Wolverhampton Council is legally obliged to take account of people in the greatest housing need which means people with lower needs will usually have to wait longer, some people may have no realistic chance of a successful bid.

This means that we often get asked “how did my last bid do?” We can't tell you the position of your bids as each bid you make will be different; you might bid on one property and be in position ten and then bid on a very similar property and be in position 50 or 150, it will depend on who else is bidding on that property.   

If you login to your account, you will be able to check on each of the properties that you have bid on. You will be able to see:

  • the number of bids received
  • how long the customer was registered and
  • the customer’s banding level.

If the successful applicant was in the emergency band and there were 300 bids, it will show that anyone in a low band had a low chance of a successful bid.

If the successful applicant was in band 3 or 4 and there were 50 bids, it will show that people in lower bands had a better chance of a successful bid.

Please don't contact us to ask about the position of your bids as we will not be able to tell you 

For more details follow our step by step guide to checking successful bids.

Other reports to check

You can also check the reports:

These reports show the properties which have become available for letting during the last 12 months by area and the average number of bids received. You will see in some areas that not many homes have become empty and available for letting and those homes where there is lots of demand.

Improving your chances

Remember you can bid for a home anywhere within the City of Wolverhampton and if you are flexible about which area you would like to live in, it can improve your chances.

Things you can do include:

  • Bid in areas where we have lots of homes
  • Bid in areas where lots of homes become available to let
  • Bid in areas where there are lower numbers of other bidders
  • Bid on flats or maisonettes as well as houses and bungalows
  • Use each of your three bids every week otherwise you lose that week’s chance. It doesn’t matter when you bid as long as you bid.
  • If you are in Band 2/3 - try to use your bids on homes with ‘preference to bands 2/3’.
  • If you are in Band 1 - bid on homes with ‘preference to bands 1' when they are advertised.
  • Consider all housing options.

Feedback on housing association lettings

We can't provide feedback on the allocations of housing association or TMO properties as our systems are not linked. If you are being considered for one of these properties it’s highly likely they will contact you direct within a week of the advert closing. If you require any information on how they are progressing with their allocation please contact the organisation directly.