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How long does my application last?

Are you saving for your first rent payment?
Whatever tenure you move into you will need to pay rent in advance, even if you are claiming benefits.

Your application will last for one year. 

After a year we will contact you to ask you to re-register. You will need to tell us if you have had any changes in circumstances since your original application as it could affect your banding and eligibility:

  • Is everyone on the application still going to move with you?
  • Is there anyone else who will be moving with you?
  • Are you expecting a baby?
  • Are you living at the same address?
  • Are there any other changes?

Even if there are no changes, you'll need to contact us to re-register. If we don't hear from you in 28 days, your application will be closed. 

You can re-register by using the re-register form.