From here you can search for properties, either in the area in which you want to live or by the type of property you would like. Alternatively you can see all available properties.

*IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE HOMES - we currently have a number of 1 bedroom flats available in Lincoln House and Tremont House in Heath Town. These homes are reserved for customers over 50 years old. These homes have been fully renovated and redecorated. If you are interested in viewing these properties please place a bid on the homes advertised this week *

All bids MUST be placed by 1pm on the Monday, we are unable to take bids after this time. Properties will not be displayed when the advert is closed.

If you have not informed us that you have a mobility difficulty that means you require ground floor accommodation please contact Wolverhampton Homes on 01902 556789 as soon as possible

Please be aware that 50% of Flats, Maisonettes and Bungalows will be offered to customers releasing a house

You must consider this information when bidding for homes.

The Government has reducing housing benefit for tenants of working age who have more bedrooms than your family needs (this is sometimes called under-occupying). (Please note pensioners will not be affected.)

If you claim housing benefit and have one more bedroom than you need, your housing benefit will be reduced by 14%.

If you have two or more bedrooms than you need, your housing benefit will be cut by 25%.

If your housing benefit is cut, you would need to make up the shortfall to pay your rent.

For example if you require 1 bedroom and you live in a 2 bedroom flat with an average weekly rent of 66.51 the shortfall would be 9.31 per week. If you live in a 3 bedroom house with an average weekly rent of 75.33 the shortfall would be 18.75 per week.

For more information on housing benefit please contact Wolverhampton City Council's Housing Benefit Team on 01902 551166.

If you want to move to a smaller property, Wolverhampton Homes can advise you. Please contact Homes Direct on 01902 556789.

Please read the property adverts carefully, every week people make the following simple mistakes:

  • They bid for properties restricted to certain groups, when they are not in that group. Example: sheltered schemes, certain blocks of flats designated for particular age groups, houses or homes with more bedrooms that they are eligible for:

  • They bid for properties in areas they don't want to live in

  • They bid for a house when they are not eligible for that property type

  • They bid for a flat when they want a house

And remember, if you are successful and subsequently refuse the property, any priority you might have with Homes in the City (including a homeless duty) may be reviewed.


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