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Welcome to Homes in the City

...the smart way to find an affordable home in Wolverhampton

Homes in the City is operated by Wolverhampton Homes and the tenant management organisations Springfield Horseshoe HC, New Park Village TMC, Dovecotes TMO and Bushbury Hill EMB on behalf of Wolverhampton City Council.

What is Homes in the City?

What is Homes in the City?
Homes in the City is a new way of letting homes owned by Wolverhampton City Council and by Housing Associations. Those who have joined Homes in the City can make a bid for properties in which they are interested. View available homes.

How do i join Homes in the City?

What is Homes in the City?
The easiest way to join Homes in the City is to apply online. Alternatively you can call at your nearest housing office or contact us.

Before you apply or bid, think - Can I afford a new home?

Remember you will need to pay your rent up front if you are offered a home in the future.

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